Securing Successful Dental Careers

  • Student / New Grad
  • Incorporation
  • Practice purchase
  • Family Priorities / High Cash Flow
  • Practice transition / Sale
  • Estate

Why we're here

Our goal is to be the most highly respected and trusted provider of insurance strategies for dental professionals across Canada.

Our four step BITE Process


1: Brainstorm

identify where you are today and where you want to go. What resources you have to work with and what your desired future is. Together we identify the target, which sets the direction.


2: Ideas

We present the best solutions driven out of the Brainstorm; insurance strategies to help you hit your target.


3: Trigger

Now it’s time to act. We help quarterback the process to ensure your plan is implemented in a timely manner, at the most competitive rates.


4: Examine

Love it when a plan comes together! We review your plan each year to ensure it continues to align with your desired future. This builds confidence!

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The 4 steps process.

Well-Time Insurance Strategies

Every dental career has defined stages, therefore right, well-timed insurance strategies are critical for both risk protection and tax, retirement and estate planning needs.

  • Timeline

    Student / New Grad

    Whether you are starting dental school or have just graduated, the decision to act on insurance now can give you a strong base of coverage that can grow with you throughout your career. Your greatest asset is your income/potential income and a significant part of the plan at this stage is to protect that asset.

  • Timeline


    Your tax specialist has recommended you incorporate; we work alongside your tax team to make certain your insurance is structured properly to maximize the benefits of your professional corporation.

  • Timeline

    Practice purchase

    You are starting your own practice or purchasing one; this is an exciting stage. We advise you on the changes/additions you will need to consider in your insurance portfolio, allowing you to focus on what’s most important.

  • Timeline

    Family Priorities / High Cash Flow

    At this stage in your career, astute financial decisions can have a significant positive impact on you and your family. Insurance is a tax effective tool with lifetime benefits, ultimately delivering flexibility to a retirement/estate plan. We will explore if insurance for tax, retirement and estate planning is right for you.

  • Timeline

    Practice Transition / Sale of Practice / Retirement

    Through hard work, you have created a practice that is worth transitioning to someone else. We will guide you on how your insurance can be used to maximize your retirement cash flow, giving you greater peace of mind.

  • Timeline


    You have grown your wealth and transferring it to others effectively is important. Insurance provides flexibility; it can be used to transfer wealth on a tax-efficient basis, provide liquidity for taxes, or be used for charity.

The people behind BITE 4 LIFE

The people behind this powerful process is a synergy of two specialty firms.


Insurance Advisor

Dr. Brad Lien graduated from the University of Alberta in 1989. Brad had a very successful dental practice in Medicine Hat for 10 years. He was forced to leave his practice in 1999 due to health issues. As a financial advisor Brad now focuses on helping dentists and physicians protect their most valuable asset, their income.


Insurance Advisor

Deboski & Co. has been designing insurance strategies to meet the high impact needs of professionals for over 30 years. Our passion is assisting our clients with the right products to move them closer to their goals. Everything we do is directed to that end.

What our clients say

“Working with Brad Lien has proven that understanding and finding the right insurance for you can be an easy process. It was important for me to find someone I could trust and rely on putting my needs first and Brad has done just that. The time he's spent in the insurance industry coupled with his dentistry background is a real asset and something you shouldn't pass up. I couldn't be happier to have him as my insurance advisor.”

Dr. Jeanine David, DDS

“I'm so glad I have Brad to help me. He is professional, personable and most importantly genuine. He cares about educating us about insurance and he cares about protecting our future. He is a great choice to have on your team”

Dr. Linda Lan

“Members of my family have dealt with Dr. Lien for years and they recommended I do the same. We have all had the same positive experience as Dr. Lien's professionalism and genuine concern for his clients is always apparent. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Lien's expertise to new members of the profession.”

Dr. Brad Fisher

“I felt very comfortable working with Brad. As a fellow dentist, I knew I could trust Brad’s recommendations for my insurance needs and I never felt pressured to make decisions I wasn't comfortable with. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Brad to anyone in the dental profession.”

Dr. Matthew Gibb


Bite 4 Life

Medicine Hat